Looking to save a little on the wedding expenses?

We all know wedding flowers can get insanely expensive from all the decorative flowers to the bridal bouquet and the flowers for all the wedding party and blah blah blah.

Help us help you save some money so you can spend it on the honey moon instead!

There are two options we offer for weddings

1. A full workshop to learn how to make all your own wedding decorations from the centerpieces to the standing towers at the alter and the bouquet in the brides hand.

2. A workshop just for the brides maids for one last night of fun before the wedding to come together and make all the bouquets they will be holding (the bride choose her own special bouquet)

Note: Prices will vary based on the cost of the chosen flowers in the bridal theme

It's as simple as sending us your request and we will help you choose the perfect arrangement and set up the perfect unique wedding parry to make your dream wedding come true.


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